Not Sure Where To Start With Lofts?

There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing a loft in Vancouver. Choosing between locations like ultra trendy Mount Pleasant or the fast pace energy of Yaletown, to what kind of loft suites you best: do you prefer exposed beams, ductwork and an industrial aesthetic to your loft? Or do you prefer a more refined, drywalled, more standard condo style loft. Take a look on one of our many tailored searches on the website, and if you would like some guidance or to be informed of fresh loft listings as they hit the Vancouver market, feel free to reach out to the Vancity Loft team!

Thinking About Selling Your Loft?

You've come to the right place! For a home as unique as a loft, you deserve real estate experts that understand the unique lifestyle, benefits, legal nuances and selling features of a modern Vancouver loft. Your Vancity Loft team loves the variety and philosophy of design that comes with lofts and we can help you communicate that to potential buyers for your home.

Attracting The Right Buyers For You Loft

We understand that selling a loft is a lot different to a regular home. The type of buyer considering lofts are typically looking for an inspiring space. We can help with staging, as well as ensuring stand out professional photographs highlight the uniqueness of your loft.

Guiding You Through The Process Of Selling

With different potential tax implications to different disclosures that come with selling a loft, we can make sure you are protected and well represented when it comes to selling your loft.

Getting Your Loft The Exposure It Deserves

Through our custom tailored website hand built by the real estate agents behind Vancity Loft along with a mix of social media, and traditional media marketing, we will get your loft the exposure it deserves to help sell your home.

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